The Ambassador’s Dog

I’m told that all really good stories begin, “Once upon a time….” But can you still begin a story that way if it is true?

Because this story is.

It begins, before the tiny puppy had a name.

He was alone. On the side of a trail.

There was nothing he could remember of how he was separated from his mother and his brothers and sisters. He knew only that he was now totally alone in this vast place where the winds blew down from the mountain peaks and chilled his tiny body.

If the pup could have read a map he would have discovered that he lay on the Tibetan Plateau, surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, in the magical country called Nepal.

But the puppy, of course, could not know these things. He only knew, with a certainty that came from deep within his being, that one day the borders of his world would extend farther than a Himalayan Golden Eagle could see from its lofty mountain aerie, and he believed, that in that larger world that awaited him, he would find a home.

So the puppy sat on the trail and he dreamed of his future. And he waited. For something. For someone. 

Now it might surprise you that a puppy so young and in these circumstances could have a dream, but he did and, as the winds from the high Himalayas swirled around him, he thought “Please, winds — please carry my dreams …please let them come true.”  

And the winds heard the pup’s wish, and they carried his hopes and his  dreams down from the mountain and through the forests and over the rivers

They carried his dreams to the Kathmandu Valley and then, finally, to a man. A man whose beard was white but whose spirit was strong.

That  man felt the breeze brush his face, and it stirred his soul  with an unexpected longing. And — at that moment — a small puppy’s dream silently took root in the man’s heart

This is the story of that pup who waited.

This is the story of the man whose heart was touched.

This is the story of the dream that they shared.

Pre-order your copy today! Expected publication date: December 1, 2020

The Ambassador’s Dog

By Scott DeLisi, Former U.S. Ambassador to Nepal

Illustrated by Jane Lillian Vance