It’s An Adventure, Charlie Brown

Whether it was Bilbo Baggins racing out of Bag End without a handkerchief, Alice slipping down the rabbit holes, or the Pevensie kids emerging from a wardrobe to enter Narnia, adventures come in the most unexpected ways. I know that each time I set off on a journey I feel a certain sense of excited anticipation, along with a cautionary note of trepidation.

The world beyond is full of the unexpected and as we step out of daily routines we know that the unusual or unknown is far more likely to demand our engagement. The foreign service was like that. Countless days that somehow took us far outside our comfort zone reminding us that we were not in Kansas anymore, and challenging us to step up. And each challenge was a chance to learn and to grow and to broaden my own perspective.

As we head to the airport in a few hours we can’t say for sure what lies ahead…what shape our journey will take or how it will unfold. A series of serendipitous meetings or a of unfortunate events? It could be either…it could be both

But every time we lock the door behind us and head off on a journey it is always an adventure and, whether you’re Bilbo Baggins or Charlie Brown or and just an old retired FSO hitting the road again, that is a very good thing indeed.

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