And They’re Off….

So…here we go again. We’re off on another adventure. This time I’ll be lecturing on the Crystal Symphony as we travel from Singapore to Thailand, Cambodia,Vietnam, and finally Hong Kong. We’ve never been to Cambodia or Vietnam so that’s pretty exciting. And it has been some years since we were last in Singapore and Hong Kong. It should be fun.

It isn’t all play though. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing the lectures for a cruise gig. The passengers on board are very engaged and they come to the lectures not to kill time but because they truly are interested in the world around them. I’ve been impressed with how eager folks are to be challenged with new and different perspectives on the world around us.

And in the process, we learn too. Continue to grow. And that’s the really cool part of it all. On our last trip I wrote in post about a Sufi saying to the effect that the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. Well…we want to be as literate as possible, I guess, so we continue to take advantage of every chance to see the world in which we live.

And I will admit to enjoying the process of researching these lectures as well. It’s another chance to learn, To stay engaged. And to expand my own understanding of the world. Two new lectures are both focused on China. One looks at China’s rise globally while the other looks at China’s role in SouthEast Asia using the issues related to the development of the Mekong River as the unifying thread.

There is so much material about China that it’s overwhelming…but that’s part of the challenge. Trying to distill this wealth of material into a narrative that will be of interest to and relevant for our fellow passengers isn’t easy but it’s great when it all comes together!

So, once again we’re off and running. And, although we may not be running quite as fast as we did a few years ago, we’re running still and it will take more than a few twinges to keep us homebound!

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