Have A Good Time

Yesterday it was my birthday…I hung one more year on the line. I should be depressed, my life’s a mess, but I’m havin’ a good time”
Paul Simon, “Having A Good Time” 1975

That’s from the album “Still Crazy After All These Years.” It was one of my favorites by Paul Simon and those words ran through my head yesterday. Not because I was feeling depressed or that my life was a mess but because Iam having a good time!

Part of the reason that song was on my mind yesterday was that it was indeed my birthday and I did hang one more year on that line. My 66th. Some folks worry as those numbers grow. Some see each year that passes as part of an inexorable slide into decrepitude. And, maybe if you were to ask me again in a few years, I’d have greater sympathy for that viewpoint. But not today.

Today is the start of another year and the continuation of a journey where every day is still full of possibilities that give me a chance to learn, to grow, and make a difference.

It is a journey shared with Leija, my best friend and partner in all things, whose love reminds me every day of what is important and keeps me from being distracted by what is not. It’s a journey that has been enriched by the joy of seeing our children grow to adults who I love, admire and respect (Thank you Tjiama, Joe and Tony and Joe and Nat and Jess). And it is a journey that these days is made all the more special because we can share it with our grandchildren who fill our hearts and who remind us that our path flows not just across the years but across generations.

And along the way I’ve been touched by all the wonderful friends whose intellectual vigor, warmth, humor, and simple decency make my life’s tapestry far more complex and dynamic than any I could have ever created alone. (And thanks in particular to all of you who extended birthday wishes yesterday).

I don’t know what the next year will bring. I know that there are no guarantees. But I do know that I look forward to finding out what lies ahead. And with Leija and our kids and our grandkids and our friends to share the journey, I think we’ll follow Paul Simon’s sage words and just have a good time.

(With thanks to Leija for a wonderful birthday and today’s cover picture!)

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