There’s Room For Us All…Even Bernie, Biden and Beto

I don’t want to get in trouble or offend anyone but, here goes. I’m white. I’m male. And I’m not sorry.

And I don’t think I should have to be.

I don’t think the B-Boys (Bernie, Biden and Beto) should step aside and throw their support to the women candidates as I heard one impassioned woman columnist declaim today.

I don’t think that age or gender or race should disbar them from being part of the conversation. We don’t atone for past injustice or intolerance or unspoken bias by turning away the white guys so that women or black or asian or hispanic candidates can have a clear field.

I love the slate of candidates right now. There’s an exciting exchange of ideas and the debate is rich. Kamala, Corey, Elizabeth, Tulsi, Juan, Amy, Kirsten, Pete, Beto, Bernie, John, and Michael (I’m worrying that I forgot someone…) all bring something to the table. Let’s let their ideas be heard. (Joe’s too if he ever commits).

Let’s decide based on the substance of their arguments, on the essence of their leadership and even the content of the character — as MLK once urged — rather than ruling somone out because of a litmus test that says the Democratic candidate has to be a woman or a minority or anything but a white male.

I really am eager to see the race unfold. There are ideas I’ve already heard that I like and others that I don’t. Let’s listen as they get aired, attacked and defended. I might change my views on some of them over the course of the process…let’s allow it to play out.

I know that right now I’m far from settled on a white male candidate. I see lots of good alternatives that I would support with pride, just as many of us did when Barack Obama ran. But I think we’d lose something important if the so called B – Boys, or John or Michael and Pete (and isn’t he an interesting young voice) are excluded.

All of us should have a voice. All of us should be heard. And we should all work to make our society more just, more equal, and more accepting. Even this old white guy, can get behind that.

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