Glow Little Glowworm

Yesterday was a busy day. Not only was there a visit to Hobbiton, but there was also a stop at the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. Now that might sound like a touristy thing to do but it was marvelous.

It’s hard to describe the sensation of floating on a river flowing through an underground cavern that rainwater has patiently but steadfastly carved out of limestone over centuries but it was incredibly cool. Silently, in the deep black of the cavern, we glided on the river while thousands of glowworms illuminated the “heavens” all around us.

I have often drawn on the imagery of Ralph Waldo Emerson who asked what mankind would do if the stars appeared in the heavens only one night in a thousand years. I imagine it would be a mystical and magical night. People would look at the sky and marvel…grateful to be alive, to experience this wonder, and to be inspired.

For a few moments yesterday I was transported to a different time and place beyond my experience. A place of wonder that transcended the day-to-day. I forgot about everything but the small luminescent creatures that illumined our path with their soft glow.

As we approached the opening of the cave and daylight began to intrude to shock us back into the world that awaited I wished to push back against it. To have a few more moments of silence, in the dark, with the glowworms and the world they had shared with me.

As I’ve said before when writing about Emerson’s observations, we are blessed; we have the stars lighting our skies every night if only we take the time to look and to journey along their light-filled pathways. I can’t get to the glowworm caves every day but I can remember to keep an eye on the night sky and to let its magic touch me and inspire me. Maybe I’ll do it tonight.

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