I Believe in Magic

In just a few minutes we’ll be heading off to see a magic show. The Magic Castle at Sea.

On our last lecture trip on a Crystal Cruise ship they had an incredible magician from the Magic Castle in LA. I hope this one is as good.

I truly enjoy magic. It fascinates. We know what we are seeing can’t be real yet how can we deny the evidence of our own eyes. And instead of trying to puzzle it out it can do the heart good to suspend disbelief. To just accept that something can happen that is beyond our reality. To accept that maybe there is magic in this world.

Certainly, even if the sleight of hand and misdirection isn’t really magic (though the jury is still out on that question as far as I am concerned) who are we to deny the magic that we see in our own lives? The connections with someone we love that transcend any rational explanation. The synchronicity with certain lives. The moments of sheer joy that we feel when we see our grandchild smile with delight or puppies at play. The magical power of great writing to transport us…to inspire and to change us.

I believe in magic.

There are other things, though, that we tell ourselves cannot be real even though the evidence of our own eyes tells us otherwise. The failure of governance. The callous disregard for the lives of people dedicated to serving our nation. The heartless indifference to the plight of children on our borders. The willful choice to lie when truth is called for. The abandonment of core values that are central to how we treat each other and engage the world.

That is not magical or magic. That is frightening.

I’ll go on hoping for the impossible to be real. For hope to rise from despair. For sanity to return.

As I said….I believe in magic.

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