Blame it on the Mai Tais

OK…maybe it was the Mai Tais. And Maui. And enjoying a late lunch at a place called Captain Jack’s as we gazed out at the turquoise blue seas, enjoyed a gentle warm breeze and brilliant blue skies.

I let myself muse. I could become a pirate. OK…that was the Mai Tais talking.

The sea and sun and sand though are far more conducive to pondering the quiet life than cold winds, swirling snow, or freezing rain. And yesterday it all came together in Lahaina to make me ponder again how I wanted to spend the coming years. I may not become a beachbum or a pirate but having time to write…to think…to read….and to play more guitar and piano. Sounds pretty good.

What would it be like to stop being busy? To not worry about the next lecture, the next fundraiser, the next meeting. Even in “retirement” I am still busy all the time.

Trips like this let us reflect and ponder the choices that lie ahead. And the shutdown has made me think about what I will do when we return. There’s a lot to think about but I know that this is a time of life for reinvention…for redefinition. And for Mai Tais.

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