Reconnecting…but not too much

Land. It’s funny how excited we were to see land. Even if they ARE the most remote islands in the world (which I didn’t realize) they still represented a connection to the rest of the world.

We did a brief tour of Panoramic Honolulu. A chance to see some of the highlights. Great views of Diamond Head…the scenic forested slopes of the mountains, beautiful sweeps of island coastline, and renowned Waikiki Beach, which we have visited before. It was fun. We had lunch with Joyce Snider, a Foreign Service friend who lives in Honolulu and we caught up with another dear friend, Randy Berry, who is now our Ambassador in Nepal and who happened to be here for consultations. It was a nice a day…capped by the eclipse of the moon which was fun to try and capture in photos…we may even have a decent one or two with a bit of judicious editing.

It was good to reconnect with the world…but not too much. We heard the crowds roar in the bars along Waikiki where they were watching the NFL playoffs. Had almost forgotten about them. But, even as little things like that made me feel connected, again, they also made me reflect on how nice it has been to disconnect as well. I find myself less and less concerned about whether I’m plugged into the ship internet 24/7. I find my tolerance for the news channels to be less and less.

I realize just how much of a news junkie I am when I’m at home and how much that same news adds to stress and angst. I know I’m not alone in feeling that.

So I’m letting go a bit more each day it seems. I doubt I’ll be cured, but the respite is nice. The reflocusing of energy and thought is good. And I’ve got a suspicion that there will not be a soul on Fanning Island (which we will reach Thursday) who is going to ask me a single question about the shutdown or the political wars in DC.

I’m looking out at Maui as I write. Going ashore soon. We’ll take an excursion on submarine and hope to see sea turtles. Saw a whale from our stateroom this morning spouting in the distance. And later today a stroll through Lahaina may be in order as long as we’re back on board by 9 pm. It’s a good day to disconnect just a bit more.

A hui hou.

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