Who Are Those Guys?

Some of you may remember that recurring line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, as their unknown pursuers relentlessly trailed them across desert and high chaparral. A tough bunch.

Well, that was the refrain that went through my head as I looked about us at dinner last night, our first evening on board the Crystal Serenity. I don’t know the answer yet, but that’s half of the fun of a journey. To learn a bit about some of your fellow passengers. To hear their stories….not unlike conversations in Ubers!

I was intrigued, for example, by a table near ours last night A group of women…in the 70s and 80s I’d guess. Arriving at dinner on their own steam or with the help of walkers or power-chairs, they are clearly not going to let the passage of years or the betrayals of aging bodies keep them from experiencing the world. They seemed so happy…enjoying each others’ company as well as the food and at least a bit of wine it seemed.

I wondered if they knew each other from long ago and we reuniting. Did they live in the same community? Widowed or never married or did they just leave their husbands behind? Who knows…but I’m curious.

How many nationalities are there among the passengers? On the staff we’ve met a South African, a Serb, and an Indian from near the border with Myanmar. There are Americans and Brits and Chinese and Taiwanese and a host of others. This is a very international crowd. It is also a somewhat older crowd, though not exclusively. The 80-somethings far outnumber the 40-somethings but there are a lot of us in the 50-60 range. Maybe that’s the sweet spot? Who knows. We’ll see.

It will, in any event, be fun to get to know some of them better. But I know that I’ll have to work at it at bit. Put myself out there and make the effort. Speaking on the ship helps to open avenues for engagement, but I learned this morning that they’ve got a good stable of speakers on board and I may only speak three times on the voyage. (That makes my lectures a high-priced commodity given that they were swapped for two passages. I wish I could get as much for speaking on the open market!) But, if I am speaking less it also means I’ll have to work a bit harder to engage outside the learn venues if I hope to learn who those guys are.

We’ll see what the next days bring!

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