Off and running

Today is a travel day…the start of our latest adventure…and in many ways it exceeded expectations for a travel day. All has gone exceptionally smoothly.

Although our first Uber driver arrived early, didn’t let us know, and then left (although we were up and about) we got a replacement in no time at all, the “waiting charge” was refunded immediately on request, and Venna — the driver we ended up with was pleasant and helpful and it was cheaper than the originally scheduled trip so who can complain.

We breezed through check-in, the bags were a collective 30 pounds under the limit and the TSA folks, working as they are without pay right now, were nonetheless pleasant and professional. We went to the Virgin Atlantic Lounge which takes Priority Pass (we’re PP members) and we settled in for 50 minutes or so.

Before boarding we had time to grab a coffee at Starbucks (unlike the lounge, they had almond milk) and then we were delighted that the economy premium seats were actually worth the extra money with United. Lots of legroom and very comfortable overall. Nice.

The flight was smooth, we both got a bit of sleep and watched a movie called Downsizing. Interesting. Arriving in LA there was a bit of rain but we were ushered onto our runway by a rainbow….how auspicious is that!

At LAX all our bags came in relatively good order, with wait for an Uber SUV was relatively short and the drive to our hotel in San Pedro, just a few miles from the cruise center, was smooth. Another pleasant drive — Ruslan.

Our room should be ready in a few minutes and meanwhile we’re chilling in the lobby contemplating which of the many great vegan places in the area we may try for dinner.

Actually a fairly stress free travel day. Hope the following 31 (or is it 32?) are as relaxed.

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