Pat Donahue had a great song called “Nothing.” That is going through my head because as he said, “I tried to write about something, but nothing is all that came out.”

It isn’t as though the day was spent in a vacuum. Just nothing of particular import. The silliness continues in the halls of power (boy does THAT phrase seem to be inappropriate) and we continue to prepare for the trip.

I picked up a new daypack (REI has a great one and my last one was stolen a year or so ago in Texas) because it is always nice to have a super lightweight but highly functional (and surprisingly capacious) pack when out exploring for the day. I reviewed four of my five lectures, making a few minor adjustments but reconfirming that I won’t, at least, be embarrassed to deliver them. And I got in a three mile hike with the pups despite windchill in the low 20s. (OK…I know that’s not SO cold to a Minnesotan but I’m a Virginian…)

All in all it was a productive day. I’ve taken care of last minute financial and household chores and feel like I’m close to ready to travel. We’ve even scheduled our Uber to the airport, opting for the somewhat pricey but so convenient option and not having to leave our car in the street for a month during wintry messes if we park at our daughter and son-in-law’s home.

Bottom line…from time to time, there’s nothing wrong with nothing.

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