DiploDogs on a Walk

I didn’t manage to write yesterday. I do want to be consistent but, at the same time, I don’t want to feel so compelled to write that it becomes an obligation. So far, I’ve enjoyed sitting down and writing a few words. Its therapeutic even to write about the most mundane of topics.

Today marks the start of another week in the government shutdown. I won’t dwell on the idiocy of all this but I will observe that if it continues it could change my mindset about just how busy I want to be! I am finding it to be a pleasant change not to have to worry about putting in my hours for the Department. As it is, we still stay busy.

Among the good things, I’ve had the chance to walk the dogs almost every day. There’s no question that walking 3 miles or so with the pups….sometimes more. sometimes a bit less….is good for me, but what a joy it brings to them. Funny how little it takes to please them. Invest an hour in a walk…throw a ball….take a minute to rub behind their ears…and they give so much in return all the other hours of the day.


LoKhyi (L), Gyptse Jane (R) and grandpuppy Clementine in the middle


There is a bond…a partnership. You feel it on the walk. After the initial tumult of dogs eager to be off and exploring subsides we find the rhythm of the moment. It’s my job to know when they need those extra moments to sniff that incredible scent that I’m totally oblivious too. To know when one of them needs to answer the call of nature or to sense when a bit of frisking is in order. It is up to me to give them the chance to meet (and be admired by) people we encounter, to sniff the passing dogs, and to patrol whatever portion of their domain — and they have marked the borders quite carefully — we choose to explore that day. It is a shared experience and how they love it. How eagerly they line up to explore.


I know I’ll never have four dogs again….I’m not THAT crazy…but having the pack is a joy. And the bond with each of them is different …and special. From Max, our first rescue who is “my boy,” to Gracie who dives into the chair before I set and is determined to snuggle in for the night and from Gyptse Jane, our baby, who is our steady and focused guide on the walks and our bouncy tigger at dinner, to Lo Khyi, our somewhat mystical dog from Tibet whose bond grows stronger as we mature together. (And no, I don’t age….I just mature).

I’m honored to be part of the pack.

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